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There's more to October than Halloween...

The Original Rambler(Thomas B. Jeffery & Co.)

In October of 1902, Arthur Gardiner completed a 488-mile round trip between New York City and Boston, finishing with an average speed of 14 mph, driving- but what else would it be? Only the 1902 Rambler Model C will do sir, for this type of going... Now bring the tea, and away! from the 1969 American Motors Family Album

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

Rambler published this ad in the October issue of Horseless Age Magazine, which included a testimonial from a doctor concerning the economical and reliable operation of his Rambler Model E runabout/stanhope...

From October 1903 Horseless Age Magazine

Also in September, Thomas B. Jeffery was awarded a patent for an automobile tire design. During the 1870s he had been awarded a patent for the clincher tire design, at that time intended for bicycle use. Rambler sold tires under the G&J brand, which stood for Gormully & Jeffery, the builders of the original Rambler bicycle, and also of the few Rambler car prototypes built up to 1900, as the bicycle operation had been sold in 1899. Phillip Gormully had been TBJ's constant companion in the bicycle business, having been a friend since their childhoods in England. Phillip J. Gormully passed away in 1899.

This patent takes the original bicycle design, improves and refines it still further for automobile use.

From Horseless Age Magazine- September, 1902

Nash Motors Company

This Nash Ambassador was presented to Prince William of Sweden in October of 1927, by employees of Nash Motors Company. The Prince picked the car up at the plant and insisted on driving himself, relegating the driver to the passenger area....

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

On October 27, 1936, Nash Motors Company and the Kelvinator Corporation announced a merger. This Model 400 is indicative of the styling of the cars at the time.

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

October, 1948- Cannonball Baker Sets Record in New Hampshire Hill Climb in a Nash 600, first commercially viable "unibody" car.

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

According to the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde, the El Segundo factory was opened by Nash-Kelvinator in October of 1948

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

American Motors Corporation

AMC Chairman and President passed away in October of 1954, just months after the merger of Nash and Hudson produced American Motors Corporation. Mason is seen here during signing ceremonies. On the left is A. E. Barrit, CEO of Hudson, in the middle is George W. Mason, head of Nash-Kelvinator and on the right is George Romney, Mason's protege', and later, governor of Michigan and the father of Presidential Candidate and Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. Romney is seen holding a representation of the new corporate logo.

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

more will be added as time goes by...

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