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It happened in July...

The Original Rambler(Thomas B. Jeffery & Co.)

This is a picture of a 1906 Rambler Surrey Type 4, built by Thomas B. Jeffery & Co., the makers of the Original Rambler from 1900-1910. Photographed in July of 1907.

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

Hudson Motor Car Company

According to the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde, the first Hudson was built July 3, 1909...

On July 6, 1912, Hudson Motor Car Company introduced its 1913 Model 37 Series.

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

On July 15, 1912, Hudson Founder Joseph L. Hudson passed away. At the time, Hudson was one of the leading U.S. exporters of automobiles.

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

Essex Motor Company


In July of 1932, Essex division of Hudson introduced the Essex Terraplane, to replace the entire Essex line. Amelia Earhart showed up for the party, seen here with Roy D. Chapin Sr., one of the original Hudson founders.

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

Dover Trucks

From The AMC Heritage Forum, posted by Member IowaEagle, A Brief History of Dover Trucks:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (external link) (cache)

Dover was a make of trucks, owned by the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan. Hudson announced the Dover brand in July 1929 as "Dover, built by Hudson Motors."

When introduced, Dover trucks were available as a "Screenside Express", Canopy Express, Open Flatbed, Panel Delivery and Cab and Chassis. Prices ranged between $595 and $895. Bodies for the trucks were built by Hercules of Evansville, Indiana.

The largest purchaser of Dover Trucks was the United States Postal Service which put the vehicles into service for mail transport and delivery vehicles. The Dover was a durable vehicle; USPS reported using some of the vehicles well into the 1950s.

The Dover was pulled from the market in either 1930 or 1931, with Hudson's production records being unspecific. The number of survivor vehicles is very limited; the one known restored mail truck was last known to be owned by a private collector in Michigan.

A fully-restored U.S. mail truck (possibly the vehicle alluded to in the previous paragraph) can currently be seen at Hostetler's Hudson Museum in Shipshewana, Indiana, which opened in October, 2007. The museum contains 48 restored or original Hudson vehicles built between 1909 and 1956. Information on the museum can be found at http://www.hostetlershudsons.com/ (external link) .

1929 Dover Mail Truck

Australian 1929 Dover Commercial

Nash Motors Company

In July of 1928, Nash Motors Company introduced its 400 Series, new for 1929.

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

A Dashing '51 Nash- Newspaper article

My Dad sent this to me.

From the Arizona Republic, July 22, 2007:

American Motors Corporation

In July of 1967, Mechanix Illustrated did an article entitled, "How I am Going To Save American Motors", by Roy D. Chapin, Jr., seen here at Hemmings Clubsites:

http://clubs.hemmings.com/clubsites/classicamx/rchapin/rchapin.htm (external link)

In July of 1968, American Motors sold off the Kelvinator Division, to garner much-needed cash, and also to more closely focus on the business of building cars. In '67, they had come within weeks of a total shutdown because of a cash flow crisis.

From the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde

Elsewhere in The AMC Heritage for July:

In July of 1940, Karl Probst came out of retirement at Bantam to lay out the prototype plans for the vehicle that would become the world famous Jeep.

The Kaiser-Frazer motor company was founded July 25, 1945

In July of 1908, a Thomas Flyer set the one and only around the world endurance record for a stock car. Several members of the Thomas-Detroit team came over to the Hudson venture, which is why it is considered the predecessor of Hudson. Roy D. Chapin, Sr., Howard Coffin, and Frederick Benzinger were all part of Chapin's team at Thomas-Detroit.

The Great Race Page:

http://www.thegreatautorace.com/race.htm (external link)

The actual Thomas Flyer which won The Great Race, is now in the National Automobile Museum (formerly the Harrah's collection). It was obtained and restored by Harrah...

http://www.automuseum.org/NAM_collections_thomas2.shtml (external link)


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