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Lost Dealership Project

Lost Dealership Project

There has been a movement among the AMC faithful for a long time to try and track down all the old dealerships, just to once again look upon those places of magic.

Member AMX has spent a good amount of time rounding up addresses, memorabilia, documents and photographs for his Lost Dealership Project, sponsored at present by The AMC Heritage Forum.

A lot of AMC fans, and people that are only interested in their town's history, as well as every other kind of nostalgia or old car fan, write in and contribute to our project with pictures, addresses, stickers, and stories of these places.

A lot of the time, someone has taken the time to drive past a known address, and taken pictures of the places as they are today, comparing the past with the present. There are many of these cases where the modern photos are the only ones we have.

At one time, there were thousands of dealerships selling just AMC products alone. Witness the passing of American History before your very eyes with the Lost Dealership Project.



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