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Why do we need yet another Forum for the discussion of AMC?

Strictly speaking, we don't. But even though there are forums which are just for AMC, or Rambler, and others for Nash or Hudson enthusiasts, there is no one place we have found that ties all of this together into one unified History of AMC.

The existing forums for these various makes are generally concerned more with technical aspects of modification or repair/restoration. While a great deal of this type of information is also contained on this site, the main purpose is to "connect the dots" so to speak, on the way all the pieces of the puzzle fit together overall to form The AMC Heritage.


Big 3 enthusiasts are able to point back down an unbroken line, to the origins of their favorite nameplates. But in general, almost nobody realizes the actual importance that the AMC Heritage has held in the American automotive industry.

There is also more to a Heritage than a company's history. There are many ways in which the corporations and products of this line have influenced and even strengthened America, and countries around the world. In addition, with the demise of American Motors, we enthusiasts are now all that is left of this once-proud legacy. Consequently, we all NEED to put our differences aside, gather together the lost pieces of The AMC Heritage while we still can, and create the whole picture for posterity.

Part of the heritage of this particular line is the history of what happened after it disappeared. We need to chronicle the efforts of those who have worked to carry on the memory of AMC, Nash, Hudson, Willys, Kaiser etc., so that those who come later may avoid mistakes, and learn from successes. For that reason, I have provided an area to discuss club histories, individuals who have made a difference, and the overall health of the hobby. We also should try to chronicle the story of AMC's integration into Chrysler, and the sole survivor among the AMC brands, Jeep Corporation.

The Heritage of this manufacturer also involves the driving, showing, maintenance, and restoration or modification of these cars. Accordingly, we have included some boards for touring and showing discussions.


-May 23, 2007, 12:11:18 PM

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