Consolidated AMC Dealership list, compiled by Frank Swygert
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Frank Swygert's AMC Dealers List

Lost Dealership Project


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Introduction & Dealer Count by Year

(Part I: Alabama - Massachusetts)
(Part II: Michigan - South Dakota)
(Part III: Tennessee - Overseas Locations)

NOTE: List may be used on web pages, reprinted by clubs, etc., as long as it remains in its original form plus any additions. All text from title (above) to number of dealers is required, including Parts I, II, and III (all may be combined into one list). Number of dealers may be edited out, additional dealers added, and additional information added to existing dealer info. Please send updates to list custodian for inclusion in future lists.

This list originated from a 1983 AMC dealer list posted at:
http://homepages.ius.edu/steven/amc/dealer/index.htm (external link)
Other dealers and years operated or known to exist added by Frank Swygert from information provided form AMC-List members, readers of AIM magazine (http://farna.hone.att.net/AIM.html), and some research work.

List is sorted by zip or postal code, which is first in dealer name when known. No zip indicates the dealer was in business before zip codes were established in July 1963 or it was simply not known or not provided with information. Further note that the telephone area code system was adopted in 1950. Originally area codes could only have a "0" or "1" as the middle digit. In the late 80s this was changed to allow any number as the middle digit.

Years in parenthesis (19xx) are the years the dealer was known to operate under the given name and location. If name or location changed the dealer will be listed again. Most dealers only have a decade (most "1980s" since the list originated from an 83 document), but some have more complete information. Dealer Numbers are included when known. See explanation of Dealer Numbers at end of Part II.

If anyone can supply additional information for any dealer listed such as address, phone number, or years of operation (when not listed), or additional dealers and information, please contact Frank Swygert, the list custodian.


Phone: 302-233-4925
Address: 574 Roberta Avenue, Dover, DE 19901

Look through your old documentation, dealer catalogs, postcards, etc., then check the list below for your dealer. If you can fill in any information gaps please contact me! List the year of the source if possible, even if it is from a dealer plate/sticker from the back of a car. Personal knowledge is fine also.

Dealer Count by Year (1958-1986). Note that some dealerships sold all three brands. 1958-1970 Jeep dealers are Kaiser Jeep dealers. Information is from "1987 Almanac: U.S. Market Data" printed in 1987 by American Motors Corp.

Year AMC Jeep

1958 2632 1456
1959 2958 1385
1960 2978 1421
1961 2934 1431
1962 3076 1530
1963 3073 1787
1964 2991 2075
1965 2716 2039
1966 2517 1935
1967 2356 1726
1968 2305 1650
1969 2351 1591
1970 2293 1621
1971 2044 1566
1972 1952 1481
1973 1926 1448
1974 1881 1444
1975 1804 1553
1976 1690 1623
1977 1612 1739
1978 1660 1837

Year AMC Jeep Renault

1979 1701 1899 729
1980 1663 1809 1303
1981 1574 1703 1345
1982 1459 1573 1322
1983 1438 1536 1351
1984 1397 1491 1341
1985 1371 1455 1322
1986 1298 1343 1232


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