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1975-1993: Pre-Modern Era Ads


1975-1993: Pre-Modern Era Ads

AMC-Jeep is the way American Motors Corporation and the Jeep Corporation were doing business by this time.

In many respects, AMC was in its final decline, but never seemed to be lacking for another dodge to the knockout, usually doing some fancy footwork and returning a good punch in between.

The Pacer was one such attempt in 1975, and was successful for the inital few years of production, but began to fall off rapidly as the design aged, and gasoline prices, insurance, and a declining economy combined to seal the Pacer's fate.

The Matador Coupe, or Aero Coupe as it is sometimes called, sold moderately, but had a similar decline for the final years as well.

Both of these cars had cost the company enormous sums of money, design work, and had sacrificed a good deal of interchangeability of parts among model lines. All were costly sums.

Also at about this time, Renault had stepped in as a significant partner, and when they had achieved a majority stake, AMC-Renault was required by the U.S. Government to divest itself of AM General, a very successful military, governmental and heavy trucks enterprise. This was another blow to marketing and capital production.

The Gremlin remained a favorite, though the aging design was beginning to cost sales in that market environment. A significant but moderate re-style in 1977 didn't hurt sales by itself, but neither did it help to improve things for the Gremlin. The body style was continued with the 1979-1982 Spirit and 1981-1982 Eagle lines, and was referred to as a "Kammback" model of either line, until discontinued with the Spirit & Concord in 1983.

By this time the 4x4 Eagle was the only AMC car being made besides the recently-redesigned Jeep series and its legacy Grand Wagoneer, still remarkably similar in appearance to the 1963 introductory design by Kaiser Willys.

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1981 AMC AMX Turbo PPG Pace Car Flyer


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