Truck & Jeep ads from throughout Nash & Nash-Kelvinator history
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1904-1993: Truck & Jeep Ads


1904-1993: Truck & Jeep Ads

Nash Motors Co. was at one time the world's largest truck builder, following suit after The Thomas B. Jeffery Co. achieved the feat, and was bought by Charles Warren Nash in 1916 to found Nash Motors Co.

All branches of The AMC Heritage Family Tree built trucks of one kind or another, and some of the most legendary military, off-road, service and four wheel drive applications are the fruit of this tree.

Which trucks were Ramblers reborn, you ask?

Only just the Nash Quad, Hudson Big Boy, M35 Deuce-and-a-Half 2-1/2 Ton truck, M715 Line Haul Military, M151A1 Mutt, the Most Famous Willys Jeep, the HMMWV, or Humvee for Army, Hummer for Marines & their adoring public.

Municipal and military buses. Postal delivery fleets. Ambulances such as the M72 series.

Fire trucks in every size range, from the beginning of the Motor Age right through to the end.

Police and Army car fleets, and the unique Mighty Mite Airborne mini-jeep are still only scratching the surface, when the body of work among these Titans of Engineering is taken together.

Enjoy these small samplings...

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1917 Nash Trucks Magazine Ad


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