It's a Long Way There & Back...
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Route 66 Rambler TimeLine

Rambler TimeLine

at Route 66 Rambler

It had to start somewhere...

So we'll start at the beginning.

Welcome to the TimeLine at Route 66 Rambler.

The TimeLine database takes the place of the artifact collection which would be in a physical museum.

This is only one of the tools through which we conduct our study of AMC heritage.

Another tool is the Open Library Project. By combining the two in various ways, we can extract other information, such as a Family Tree, gain some insight as to the order in which events occurred, observe the impact of events around the country(and the world), and extract technical information for use in period restoration.

This TimeLine is where you would go for a general overview of the corporate history through the ages.

All of this will be changing quite frequently, and being added to often, for quite a while.

Enjoy, and pay respect to, the rich heritage offered by American Motors.


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