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1891 Rubber Tires Article Articles & Extracts From Popular Magazine. In the lower right of the page, there is an article discussing bicycle tire technology. 1 1846 List
1899 & Previous: Pre-Motorcar Ads, Flyers, Posters, etc Ads, Flyers, Posters Ads, flyers, handbills, posters, etc. from the Rambler Heritage prior to 1900. 31 6424 List
1899 Horseless Age- G&J Playing with cars Articles & Extracts A small blurb in an 1899 Horseless Age Magazine. It mentions that Gormully & Jeffery Mfg. is working on development of an automobile. 1 1952 List
1900 to 1910: Horseless Age Automobile Ads Ads, Flyers, Posters Ads, Flyers, Posters etc. from the earliest years of the auto industry in America 8 5136 List
1902 Buffalo Tonneau Articles & Extracts Two page article from a July Horseless Age magazine, and an August letter from a September issue, featuring the 1902 Buffalo Tonneau by the Buffalo Motor Car Corporation, which a year later became the E.R. Thomas Motor Company. 3 3032 List
1902 Rambler Parts List Parts Books As seen for sale on eBay by Walter Miller's AutoLit 3 2036 List
1902 Thomas Accident Articles & Extracts A newspaper account from Buffalo, New York, on an automobile accident experienced by a Thomas employee that was out on a service run. 1 1552 List
1902- Changes at E.R. Thomas Articles & Extracts Short paragraph article from 1902 Horseless Age, about E.R. Thomas absorbing the Buffalo Motor Company. 1 1937 List
1902- New Process sending jobs offshore Articles & Extracts 1902 Horseless Age article mentions the outsourcing of jobs at New Process Gear. 1 1519 List
1904- The Swift Rambler Family Articles & Extracts This is an article from an August, 1904 special edition of the World's Work Advertiser, for the St. Louis World's Fair. The Fair's theme and title for 1904 was The Louisiana Purchase Exposition, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase. 2 3110 List
1904-1993: Jeep & Truck Ads Ads, Flyers, Posters Jeep and truck advertisements, flyers, posters from throughout The AMC Heritage 8 4372 List
1911-1920: Brass Era Ads Ads, Flyers, Posters Magazine, Newspaper and Book Ads, Flyers, Posters, Handbills, etc. 0 3048 List
1917 Nash Fire Truck- Glendale, Arizona Nash Trucks This is Glendale Fire No. 1, the department's first motorized piece of fire equipment. Member Route66Rambler was graciously given access to inspect and photograph the truck in the fall of 2007. 7 7459 List
1921-1932: Golden Age Automobile Ads Ads, Flyers, Posters Ads, flyers, posters, handbills, mailers from the Golden Age 1 4213 List
1933-1941: Pre-War Automobile Ads Ads, Flyers, Posters Advertising, flyers, posters, etc. from the period leading up to WWII 7 2961 List
1941-1945: War Production Ads Ads, Flyers, Posters Flyers, Posters, News and Magazine Ads, promos, marketing, handouts etc. from the years during U.S. participation in World War Two, 1941-1945 0 2652 List
1946-1950: Post-War Automobile Ads Ads, Flyers, Posters Advertisements, Posters, Flyers, Circulars, handouts etc. for the Post-World War Two time period, 1946-1950 0 2085 List
1951-1963: Chrome Era Automobile Ads Ads, Flyers, Posters Ads, Flyers, Posters, etc., from books, magazines and the like, from 1951 to 1963. 8 4082 List
1955 Nash Ambassador Pinin Farina Speciale Articles & Extracts Magazine Article from Collectible Automobile- June 1995. Describes custom designed and built Ambassador by Pinin Farina as a show car and prototype style cue for Nash moving towards the '60s. 4 4151 List
1958 Rambler American Brochure Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets Short 8 page brochure introducing the all-new Rambler American 8 4150 List
1959 Rambler American Brochure Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets 6 page excerpt from a 1959 Rambler Full Line Brochure 6 3454 List
1960 Rambler American Folder Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets 1960 Sales brochure/folder for the Rambler American that has been divided into separate pages. 14 2878 List
1963 Rambler V8 Classic and Ambassador Brochure Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets Provided to me by a MoPar enthusiast. Paper copy to be donated to the AMC Heritage Forum for posterity. 6 3573 List
1963- Motor Trend Car of The Year: Rambler Articles & Extracts In February of 1963, Motor Trend Magazine awarded its coveted Car of The Year to the entire Rambler line from American Motors, citing design excellence and engineering leadership. 28 72971 List
1964 Rambler Catalog Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets 1964 Full Line Brochure from AMC for Rambler 32 6968 List
1964-1974: Muscle Age Automobile Ads Ads, Flyers, Posters Parent Magazine & Newspaper ads, Flyers, posters, etc. from 1964-1974 9 4311 List
1966 AMC Fleet Sales Brochure Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets This is a folder which holds 8 separate flyers describing the reasons your next police car, taxi, etc., should be an AMC. 20 5204 List
1967- Yankee Doodle Dandies Articles & Extracts This is an article in September, 1967 Motor Trend, featuring MT's own Rogue Runner project, the Randall Rambler Super American, and the Grant Rebel SST funny car... -mike 4 4017 List
1968 AMC Election Kit & Kaboodle Promo Pamphlet Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets This is a promotional pamphlet given out by The Dealerships for the 1968 Presidential Election season. 8 3260 List
1968 Craig Breedlove American Spirit Press Release Press Releases 1968 Press release excerpts for Craig Breedlove's American Spirit Land Speed Record project for AMC 4 3431 List
1968 USAC Land Speed Record Book- AMC Extracts Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets Posted on The AMC Heritage Forum by Member amxed: "An AMC promotional copy of the 1968 USAC land speed records book with all the AMX's records listed. -Blaine" 13 10708 List
1969 NASCAR Javelin GT Press Release Press Releases Here is a scan of my press release. Have lots more photos of these cars and the Press Kit. 5 4398 List
1969 SS/AMX Flyer- Bill Rodekopf AMC 1964-1974: Muscle Age Automobile Ads Bill Rodekopf AMC in Independence, Missouri sponsored this Tree Smith-driven Super Stock AMX. 2 2996 List
1969- AMX Styling Exercises Articles & Extracts A small article from the January, 1969 Car Life Magazine, about various styling exercises involving the AMX concept. 1 3406 List
1969-1971 Dealer Franchise Papers Corporate Documents Corporate & Zone Letters to Dealer, various documents, and a complete Dealer Franchise Agreement. 21 6669 List
1970 AMC Gremlin Introductory Brochure Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets Original brochure to introduce the revolutionary new Gremlin, April 1, 1970 From The AMC Heritage Collection of Route 66 Rambler 8 3862 List
1970 Go & Show High Performance Parts & Accessories Pamphlet Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets Small color Pamphlet describing performance and customizing accessories offered by American Motors in 1970. 3 3732 List
1970 NASCAR Javelin GT Press Release Press Releases Here is a scan of my press release. Have lots more photos of these cars and the Press Kit. 2 3081 List
1971 Javelin SST Javelin AMC Javelin SST for 1971 32 5286 List
1972- Penske Racing enters NASCAR with AMC Matador Articles & Extracts Magazine Article from 1972, describing Team Penske and AMC teaming up to go after the NASCAR Grand National series Winston Cup. 1 3283 List
1973 Mark Donohue's Great American Cars Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets Promotional pamphlet by LePage's Glue featuring an essay by Mark Donohue, a chronology of historically important cars in the AMC lineage, and a small description of the 1973 lineup. 5 3477 List
1974 AMI Rambler Matador Folder Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets 4 page folder describing the Australian Motor Industries' Rambler Matador for 1974 3 3584 List
1974- Fuel Economy... Your Car... and You Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets Some tips from the first gas crisis back in 1974. I'll take some of that leaded, buck-a-gallon gas now! 6 2961 List
1975 VAM Rambler Brochure Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets From Vehiculos Automotores Mexicanos(VAM), AMC's Mexican affiliate to produce American Motors cars for sale in Mexico. The cars were required to contain at least 50% Mexican origin parts. Covers 1975 Classic, Rally, American, AMX, DPL. 12 12008 List
1975-1993: Pre-Modern Era Ads etc. Ads, Flyers, Posters Newspaper & Magazine ads, flyers, posters, handbills, mailers, handouts etc. from the Pre-Modern Era of the Automobilist's Age 12 4604 List
1979: AMC Invades Germany Articles & Extracts In 1979, Team Highball fielded two AMXs sponsored by BF Goodrich at Nurburgring in the Radial Challenge Series, and finished First & Second. AMC was still dangerous... Hemmings Muscle Machines, February 2006 1 3412 List
1980 Car and Driver Reader's Choice Award Articles & Extracts From the Milwuakee Sentinel Newspaper of February 13, 1980, mentioning that the 1980 AMC Eagle had been chosen by the readers of Car & Driver as their Reader's Choice recipient. 1 2922 List
1981-82 AMC Griffith Concord Sundancer Folder Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets Here is a more rare color handout sheet featuring the Concord. I actually have a perfect unfolded one but it is sealed in plastic so this one will have to do! 0 1615 List
A Dashing '51 Nash Articles & Extracts From the Arizona Republic Newspaper, 2008 2 2747 List
Ads, Flyers, Posters Library Galleries Parent Product Advertisements from magazines, newspapers, books, etc. Flyers, handbills, handouts, posters. 1 10359 List
AM General Make, Model, Year Trucks from American Motors General 16 4163 List
AMC Nation RustBucket Parent Pictures which relate to all of us AMC/Rambler Heritage folks around the world, and our enjoyment of these great cars. 6 5816 List
AMC Racing Heritage Rambler TimeLine Gallery A century's proud racing record 230 84681 List
AMC/Rambler Classic, Matador, Rebel American Motors Corporation AM/ Rambler Classic 1958-1966, Rebel 1957-1970, Matador 1971-1978 2 3134 List
American Motors Corporation Make, Model, Year Parent AMC models from 1955-1988 1 5131 List
Articles & Extracts Library Galleries Parent Magazine, Book & News Articles about The AMC Heritage. Wiki Articles by Members can be found under the "Articles" selection in the menu at right. 1 5270 List
Artifacts of The AMC Heritage RustBucket Collectibles, promo models, keychains, matchbooks, etc. Historians define these types of items as "Ephemera". Vaporous remains... 69 24681 List
Boardrooms of The AMC Heritage RustBucket Office and Headquarters facilities operated by the companies presented here. 13 13493 List
Books, Manuals, Reference Library Galleries Parent Owners' and Technical Manuals, Historical Works, Reference Material such as paint code sheets, wiring diagrams, specifications, etc. 0 2830 List
Brochures, Catalogs, Pamphlets Library Galleries Parent Product Promotion & Information pamphlets, booklets, brochures and accessories catalogs(not parts) 1 7433 List
Corporate Documents Library Galleries Parent The vast paper mill that IS a modern corporation... 5 4233 List
Dealer Zone Listings Documentation, Sales Aids & Training To post information concerning a dealer number or a zone number 3 2869 List
Designs, Drawings & Patents Library Galleries Designs, drawings, patents, concept explorations etc. 4 2705 List
Documentation, Sales Aids & Training Lost Dealership Project Parent Service Letters, Bulletins, Training Aids, Course Certificates, etc. 11 4238 List
Dover, Essex and Hudson Trucks Hudson Motor Car Co. Dover Trucks Division of Hudson Motor Car Company, 1929-1937(?), Essex Trucks and Hudson/Terraplane Trucks 4 3069 List
E. R. Thomas Make, Model, Year E. R. Thomas and E. R. Thomas-Detroit from 1899-1909. Thomas-Detroit was the predecessor to Hudson Motor Car Company, established in 1906 by Roy D. Chapin, and sold in 1909 to Chalmers. 1 2924 List
Eagle American Motors Corporation AMC Eagle models, 1980-1988 1 3403 List
Essex Motor Company Hudson Motor Car Co. Essex was a division of Hudson Motor Car Company, formed in 1919. When the cars became such an exceptional value that they threatened to outsell Hudson itself, the line was killed off and remaining models moved into the Hudson lineup. 1 3998 List
Factories of The AMC Heritage Rambler TimeLine Gallery The Cradle of Our AMC Civilization... 68 23346 List
Gormully & Jeffery Mfg Make, Model, Year R. Philip Gormully and Thomas B. Jeffery formed a partnership in 1881, as Gormully joined Jeffery's 1879 American Bicycle Co. venture, in order to help with management of the fast growing company. It was here that the product was called Rambler for the first time. There was also a model called the American Rambler. 5 1995 List
Gremlin American Motors Corporation AMC Gremlin, 1970-1978 1 4406 List
Hudson Commodore Hudson Motor Car Co. Hudson Commodore Six and Eight, and AMC Hudson Commodore 1 2688 List
Hudson Hornet Hudson Motor Car Co. Hudson Hornet, 1951-1954 and AMC Hudson Hornet, 1955-1957 3 2540 List
Hudson Italia Hudson Motor Car Co. The Hudson Italia dream car, produced between 1953-1954 3 4177 List
Hudson Model 20 Hudson Motor Car Co. Hudson Model 20, beginning in 1909 1 2582 List
Hudson Model 33 Hudson Motor Car Co. Model 33 by Hudson Motor Car Company 2 3169 List
Hudson Model 37 Hudson Motor Car Co. Model 37 Series by Hudson Motor Car Company 1 3313 List
Hudson Motor Car Co. Make, Model, Year Parent Hudson Cars & Trucks, Essex, Dover, Terraplane, 1909-1957 5 8320 List
Javelin American Motors Corporation Parent AMC Javelin and Javelin SST 1968-1974 1 2176 List
Jeffery Pantheon Thomas B. and his sons. Thomas B. Jeffery was born in 1845, in Stoke, Plymouth, Devon Shire, England. Charles and Harold Jeffery were born after Thomas emigrated to the United States in 1863, at the age of 18. TBJ established an outstanding reputation as an engineer and model builder, which he parlayed into one of the most successful bicycle firms in America. G&J Mfg. eventually produced the first Rambler automobile. 1 2074 List
Jeffery Trucks Thomas B. Jeffery Co. Rambler & Jeffery Trucks 1910-1916 1 2657 List
La Belle Sentinel- Dealer staff Training Machine Documentation, Sales Aids & Training This was originally posted on the Eagle Nest Forums by Eagle1985, who gave me permission to use it. Thanks, Eagle1985! :) This is the Sentinel Training Machine, by La Belle Industries, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. This machine used Comm-Pack units, based on 8-track and 16mm film technology: 14 3822 List
Library Galleries RustBucket Parent Home Gallery for the Open Library Project 1 7128 List
Lost & Found Dealerships Lost Dealership Project Dealership items or photos with which we know the name, or the location, but not both. Once identified, as many have been, the dealerships are then moved to their state or region galleries. 23 7226 List
Lost Dealership Project RustBucket Parent A project to locate and document in some way all of the dealerships of The AMC Heritage, from all the makes in the tree. 1 6351 List
Lost Dealerships of Foreign & Overseas origin. Lost Dealership Project Dealerships of The AMC Heritage in Overseas U.S. Possessions & in countries Foreign to the United States. 4 4356 List
Lost Dealerships of The Northeast US Lost Dealership Project Dealers located in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania. 78 12630 List
Lost Dealerships of the Northern US Lost Dealership Project Dealerships in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska 78 17847 List
Lost Dealerships of The Northwest US Lost Dealership Project AMC Heritage Dealerships in Oreqon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North & South Dakota, Alaska. 9 4016 List
Lost Dealerships of The Southeast US Lost Dealership Project AMC Heritage Dealerships located in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, & Alabama. 43 17657 List
Lost Dealerships of The Southern US Lost Dealership Project Dealerships in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee. 30 6073 List
Lost Dealerships of The Southwest US Lost Dealership Project AMC Heritage dealerships found in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Hawaii 56 11448 List
Make, Model, Year Rambler TimeLine Gallery Parent A few visual aids to identification 1 4322 List
Maps, Floorplans, Siteplans Library Galleries Maps, architectural floorplans, site plans, schematic drawings of facilities or places 2 2824 List
Marketing RustBucket Advertising stunts, big deal promotions 22 5708 List
Mitchell and Lewis Pantheon The founding family of H. Mitchell Wagons, Mitchell Motor Co., Mitchell-Lewis, and Wisconsin Wheel Works 9 2003 List
Mitchell-Lewis Motor Co. Make, Model, Year H. Mitchell Wagons 1855-1910, Mitchell Motor Company 1900-1910, Mitchell-Lewis Motor Co. 1903-1924, Wisconsin Wheel Works 1890s-1924 5 2972 List
Myron Cottrell's '79 AMC Spirit AMX Articles & Extracts A description of the 1979 AMC/B.F. Goodrich- sponsored Team Highball AMX #1, owned by Myron Cottrell as of this article's writing. This car finished in 2nd place at the 1979 running of the Nurburgring long distance race, completing a one-two punch by AMC, with the #2 Team Highball car finishing first. From the November 2007 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. Factual error in the article concerning the placement of the two cars. 2 4813 List
Nash 400 Series Nash, Nash-Kelvinator The Nash 400 was introduced in July of 1929 2 2971 List
Nash Ambassador Nash, Nash-Kelvinator Ambassador models produced by Nash Motors Company 1927-1937; Nash-Kelvinator 1937-1954; AMC Nash Ambassador 1954-1957 2 2640 List
Nash Lafayette Nash, Nash-Kelvinator Nash's Lafayette divison, 1934-1942 2 2700 List
Nash Rambler Nash, Nash-Kelvinator Nash-Kelvinator's and AMC's Nash Rambler models from 1950-1955 1 3542 List
Nash Trucks Nash, Nash-Kelvinator Parent Trucks by Nash Motors Co. and Nash-Kelvinator during the period 1916-1954 4 4674 List
Nash-Healey Nash, Nash-Kelvinator The hybrid English-American Nash 2 seat sports car, produced from 1950 to 1954. A collaborative effort between George W. Mason and Donald Healey. 1 2812 List
Nash, Nash-Kelvinator Make, Model, Year Parent Nash and Nash-Kelvinator, Ajax, LaFayette, Nash Trucks, 1916-1954 1 4179 List
Old Gas Stations AMC Nation Vintage and derelict gas stations of America & around The Globe. 3 3598 List
Original Rambler: 1900-1910 Make, Model, Year Makers of the original Rambler automobile. Incorporated in 1910 as The Thomas B. Jeffery Co. by the heirs of Thomas B. Jeffery. 1913 was the final year for the original Rambler under the Jeffery name. From 1914 through 1916 the product was the Jeffery car and the Jeffery truck. In 1916 Charles Warren Nash bought The Thomas B. Jeffery Co. in order to found Nash Motors Co. Cars produced in 1917 were Jeffery cars with Nash badging. 0 3135 List
Pantheon Rambler TimeLine Gallery Parent All Hail the Great Ones! This is a place to enshrine, respect and remember all those groundbreaking titans of industry, the Founders, Designers, Engineers, and Businessmen who brought us the Rambler Heritage we hold so dear... 4 3406 List
Parts Books Books, Manuals, Reference Parent Parts books for various years and models of AMC Heritage Vehicles 0 1363 List
Postcards, Trading Cards, Stickers Library Galleries Bubblegum/Trading cards, collectible index cards, postcards, stickers, etc. 17 6318 List
Press Releases Library Galleries Parent Press Kits and Press Releases used to introduce programs, racing, new models, major corporate decisions, etc. 1 3949 List
Rambler American American Motors Corporation AMC Rambler American and Rogue 1955-1968, 1969 Rambler, 1969 SC/Rambler 1 2982 List
Rambler TimeLine Gallery RustBucket Parent Support Gallery for the Route 66 Rambler TimeLine 1 5349 List
Riders of the Rambler Heritage RustBucket Parent Members' Rides at The AMC Heritage Forum 68 19884 List
RiderThumbs Riders of the Rambler Heritage Thumbnail images of the "Riders of the Rambler Heritage" Gallery that are used in the header for the web site 65 12448 List
RustBucket Parent Photo Storage for Old Cars. Official Gallery of Route 66 Rambler. 0 5721 List
Stock Certificates Corporate Documents Stock Certificates from the various companies in the AMC lineage 2 2178 List
Terraplane Hudson Motor Car Co. Terraplane and Hudson Terraplane, 1934-1939 1 2305 List
Thomas B. Jeffery & Co. Make, Model, Year Rambler cars and trucks, 1900-1902 prototypes, and models produced during the lifespan of the Company, 1900-1910 15 4547 List
Thomas B. Jeffery Co. Make, Model, Year Parent Jeffery cars & trucks 1914-1916, Rambler cars & trucks 1911-1913 0 3316 List
Two-Lane Blacktop AMC Nation Images related to touring on the old roads, whether paved or dirt. 3 3166 List
Welterweights Fight Harder Articles & Extracts Little American Motors could take on the world and win. June 2005 Hemmings Muscle Machines- A retrospective on AMC racing efforts by small timers, from Hemmings Muscle Machines, by Pat Foster and Gordon Chilson, featuring photos from their collections and memories of those times. 4 2983 List
Wiring Diagrams Books, Manuals, Reference Wiring diagrams for various makes and models, to assist in troubleshooting or re-wiring of these models 4 6031 List
Wonder Cars of The AMC Heritage Rambler TimeLine Gallery Prototypes, Show Cars, Concepts, One-Offs and Customs 89 33160 List

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