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AMC Nation
The AMC Heritage Registry (of Registries)
If you operate or know of a registry list, for a make or model from the companies listed on this Forum, please add them here.
1 1 0.00 Fri 30 of Jan, 2009 00:55 MST
The 1512 HURST SC/Rambler Registry by Route66Rambler
Lost Dealership Project
Lost & Found Dealerships
Lost & Found Dealerships Project, maybe? Dealerships for which we have a name or a location, but not both.
16 31 0.01 Sat 28 of Nov, 2009 15:38 MST
Crossroads AMC/Jeep- Unknown Location by AMX
Lost Dealerships of Foreign & Overseas Origin
US Possessions overseas, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Mexico, Iran, Argentina, South Africa, etc.
2 5 0.00 Sat 24 of Oct, 2009 19:37 MST
Jeffery/Lynch- Brampton, Ontario, Canada by idigramblers
Lost Dealerships of The Northeast US
Dealerships in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania
31 104 0.03 Thu 11 of Feb, 2010 13:53 MST
Setaro Motors- New Haven, Connecticut by admin
Lost Dealerships of The Southeast US
Dealerships in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama
21 47 0.01 Thu 15 of Jul, 2010 15:08 MST
Hoyt Stephens Motors- Decatur, Georgia by lewischr
Lost Dealerships of The Northern US
Great Lakes and Great Northern Plains: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska
60 199 0.06 Sat 24 of Oct, 2009 19:50 MST
Gabara Motor Sales- Rogers City, Michigan by AMX
Lost Dealerships of The Southern US
Dealerships in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee
18 66 0.02 Thu 22 of Oct, 2009 21:52 MST
Northtown Rambler/Pete Franklin AMC- North Kansas City, Missouri by JD
Lost Dealerships of The Southwest US
New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Hawaii
32 111 0.03 Tue 05 of Jan, 2010 20:56 MST
Jack Johnson Chrysler Plymouth Jeep- Scottsdale, Arizona, 1969 by gusto211
Lost Dealerships of The Northwest US
Oreqon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North & South Dakota, Alaska
5 13 0.00 Thu 22 of Oct, 2009 22:28 MST
S. R. Buford & Company- Virginia City, Montana by Route66Rambler
Lost Dealership Artifacts
Collectibles, promo models, keychains, matchbooks, etc. This stuff is called "Ephemera" by historians. Vaporous remains.
4 16 0.00 Mon 10 of Aug, 2009 00:34 MST
Sales Honor Club Tie Clasp by IowaEagle
Documentation, Sales Aids & Training
Service Letters, Bulletins, Training Aids, Course Certificates, etc.
8 17 0.01 Mon 10 of Aug, 2009 00:03 MST
Rambler Binder from salesman training class by amxed
Special Editions
Dealership and Regional Specal edition cars, like the P-38 Gremlin, Sundowner, Sundance, Raider, XR-401, etc.
3 69 0.02 Tue 11 of Aug, 2009 21:52 MST
Regional Specials by Route66Rambler
Personal Accounts
Accounts of personal connections with The Dealerships and the Distribution Chain. For those who have worked at a Dealership, or in the supply channel. News and other articles about Dealerships. The purpose is to follow the progress of th...
1 1 0.00 Thu 13 of Aug, 2009 12:37 MST
Story about working as a Rambler salesman by Route66Rambler
The things you remember about The Dealerships you knew. For those without a Dealer or Distributor connection.
2 11 0.00 Thu 13 of Aug, 2009 13:42 MST
Murderer's Row by IowaEagle
Information Wanted
Looking to find out anything about one of The Lost Dealerships? Post a request here
2 3 0.00 Sun 16 of Aug, 2009 09:11 MST
Where I have bought some AMC's by IowaEagle
Rambler Dealership Museum
Discussion to explore ways to establish a Living History Museum of AMC's history, presented as an operating AMC/Rambler dealership
0 0 0.00 1129
Dealership Zone Listings
Lists of the AMC Zone distribution structure. This structure changed substantially through the years, and is unreliable for categorizing dealers by location.
2 10 0.00 Thu 24 of Sep, 2009 22:50 MST
Boston Zone, 1896 by Route66Rambler
Molly Blue's RoadHouse
Poolside, or At The Grille
So, what's on yer mind, Bub?
5 38 0.01 Sun 29 of Nov, 2009 18:51 MST
Route 66 Rambler HQ by admin
Rules and General Information
Please read over the Rules and Information concerning our purpose...
3 3 0.00 Mon 26 of Jan, 2009 10:46 MST
The AMC Heritage Forum's Archive Links by admin
Let us know you are here, and introduce yourself
6 16 0.00 Mon 26 of Jan, 2009 15:13 MST
Interesting forum site by IowaEagle
Requests and Suggestions
Let us know what you'd like to see, or suggest ways to improve the Forum
0 0 0.00 1076
Memoribilia and Collectibles
Wanted and For Sale ads for memoribilia, collectibles, and toys related to The AMC Heritage. Cars or Parts go in their own category below.
0 0 0.00 1278
Cars and Parts
Cars and Parts Wanted and For Sale
0 0 0.00 1051
On the Blacktop
Two-Lane Blacktop Tours
Descriptions of great tour routes along the Two Lane highways of the world.
0 0 0.00 1119
Old Gas Stations
Vintage and derelict gas stations of America's Two-Lane Blacktop. Foreign contributions are also encouraged.
1 2 0.00 Thu 29 of Jan, 2009 13:38 MST
Rambler Sign on a Texaco Station- Warsaw, Missouri by EagleKammback
Rusty Nuts Garage
Rambler Restification
Idea by Iowa Eagle- So you don't want a Fire-Breathing street machine, and don't care about Pebble Beach? This is for those crafters who just wanna make 'em go, and not look bad doing it...
0 0 0.00 1613
The American Motors Heritage
What Goes Here
read this, please
1 1 0.00 Sat 07 of Feb, 2009 00:39 MST
General Guidelines by admin
AMC Racing Heritage
The Long Proud Record...
58 276 0.08 Sun 13 of Dec, 2009 23:17 MST
1981 AMX Turbo- PPG Indy World Series Pace Car by admin
Nash Trucks
Information & Discussion of Trucks produced by Nash Motors Co. & Nash-Kelvinator Corp. from 1917-1957
2 6 0.00 Tue 03 of Feb, 2009 15:55 MST
1917 Nash Truck- Magazine Ad by IowaEagle
Factories of The AMC Heritage
The Cradle of Our AMC Civilization
32 88 0.03 Thu 15 of Oct, 2009 10:49 MST
Original Kenosha Rambler Factory circa 1906-1913 by admin
Satellite Companies & Spinoffs
Discussion and information about suppliers & subsidiaries, and also companies such as Winther and Jordan, that came from out of The AMC Heritage.
1 5 0.00 Thu 12 of Feb, 2009 11:02 MST
1899 New Process Ad by IowaEagle
AMC Pantheon
All Hail the Great Ones! An AMC Heritage Hall of Fame for the founders, designers, engineers etc.
1 2 0.00 Thu 19 of Feb, 2009 20:28 MST
Edward S. "Ned" Jordan by AMX
Marketing, Advertising & Promotions
Publicity stunts, interesting ads, public promotions, etc.
32 126 0.04 Mon 24 of Aug, 2009 22:17 MST
1970 IKA Rambler Torino Slot Car from Argentina by Route66Rambler
Dover, Essex and Hudson Trucks
Discussion and information about the trucks produced by Hudson Motor Car Company
0 0 0.00 1256
Discussion and information concerning the history of Jeep Corporation up to the Chrysler buyout, and its time under Willys/Kaiser as well. This board may cross over some with the Willys and Kaiser boards...
1 1 0.00 Thu 20 of Aug, 2009 17:59 MST
A Brief Jeep History by IowaEagle
Boardrooms of The AMC Heritage
Discussion and information, hopefully a few photos, of the various offices of these companies, and their officers in their native habitats...
6 48 0.02 Thu 24 of Sep, 2009 10:13 MST
Thomas Jeffrey Sued by 83Eagle

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