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1902- Chicago 100 Miles: Charles T. Jeffery in No. 16
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1902- New York to Boston, and Back
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1912- Chicago to Toledo in one day, Rambler Model 73-4
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1916: First Trans-continental Round Trip- Super Six, Hudson Motor Car Company
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1931 Hudson-Marr Indy Special Straight 8
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1938 Nash Stocker, Pete Moxley driving
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1939- John Cobb sets LSR in 1940 Hudson
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1945 Jeep MB Tractor Puller
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1947 Ambassador Indy 500 Pace Car
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1948- Cannonball Baker Sets Record in New Hampshire Hill Climb
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1950 Nash Ambassador- Carrera Panamericana
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1950- Hudson in the Mexican Road Race
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1950- Mexican Road Race Nash in NASCAR
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1950- Mexican Road Race, 1946 Hudson
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1950s- Rambler coming inside on a Hudson Hornet
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Has to be at least late August/early September 1966. Look at the fender insert at the front of the brand new American ( assuming- looks like a window sticker in the quarter glass- or could be a spec sheet ).


Agreed, Steve. I have edited the title of the picture to reflect that we are looking at a '67 Rogue, not an American. Time unknown. I do see a '67 Pontiac in the background, and also a '67 Lincoln tow car as well.
-Central Scrutinizer

Further, it says 343 280 hp on the front fender making it a Super American/ne~Rogue and they were a 6 month offering in calender year'67 placing the shot at a probable early/late spring '67 with the location/event making the date.

I thought I posted this before, you're welcome to research further but the year and the graphics pointing to the 343 displacement strongly suggest this is a so-called 1967 only "Super American" and advertising designation that applied no matter the trim level or model name, i.e., 220, 440, or separate model Rogue. These cars were advertised for the second half ( December 1966, first ads )of the year.


I just needed to approve the comments, Steve, that allows for anonymous comments to be posted. I am aware of the "Super Americans" ad. Randall Rambler out here in Mesa, Arizona was running one of the cars back then.

Interestingly, there is a B. M. Smith Rambler from Plant City, Florida listed in the Lost Dealership Project. I can make out the word, "City", but not much else in the "Rambler" oval on the side of the car. At the rear, there is lettering for West Palm Beach, Florida, under Bev Smith's name.

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