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1897 G and J Rambler "Daintiest Wheel" Ad

1897 Wheelman magazine ad for the American Rambler bicycle by Gormully & Jeffery Mfg. 

1899 & Previous: Pre-Motorcar Ads, Flyers, Posters, etc

image gallery
Ads, flyers, handbills, posters, etc. from the Rambler Heritage prior to 1900. 

1899 Horseless Age- G&J Playing with cars

image gallery
A small blurb in an 1899 Horseless Age Magazine. It mentions that Gormully & Jeffery Mfg. is working on development of an automobile. 

1900 to 1910: Horseless Age Automobile Ads

image gallery
Ads, Flyers, Posters etc. from the earliest years of the auto industry in America 

1900 to 1910: Horseless Age Automobile Ads

News & Magazine ads, flyers, posters, handbills etc. from the earliest years of the American automobile industry 

1958 Rambler American Brochure

image gallery
Short 8 page brochure introducing the all-new Rambler American 

1959 Rambler American Brochure

image gallery
6 page excerpt from a 1959 Rambler Full Line Brochure 

1960 Rambler American Folder

image gallery
1960 Sales brochure/folder for the Rambler American that has been divided into separate pages. 

1963 Rambler V8 Classic and Ambassador Brochure

image gallery
Provided to me by a MoPar enthusiast. Paper copy to be donated to the AMC Heritage Forum for posterity. 

1963- Motor Trend Car of The Year: Rambler

image gallery
In February of 1963, Motor Trend Magazine awarded its coveted Car of The Year to the entire Rambler line from American Motors, citing design excellence and engineering leadership. 

1964 Rambler Catalog

image gallery
1964 Full Line Brochure from AMC for Rambler 

1967- Yankee Doodle Dandies

Motor Trend Article describing AMC's racing efforts in 1967 

1974 AMI Rambler Matador Folder

image gallery
4 page folder describing the Australian Motor Industries' Rambler Matador for 1974 

American Motors Corporation

image gallery
AMC models from 1955-1988 

Corporate Documents

image gallery
The vast paper mill that IS a modern corporation... 

Factories of The AMC Heritage

image gallery
The Cradle of Our AMC Civilization... 

Jeffery Trucks

image gallery
Rambler & Jeffery Trucks 1910-1916 

Lost & Found Dealerships

image gallery
Dealership items or photos with which we know the name, or the location, but not both. Once identified, as many have been, the dealerships are then moved to their state or region galleries. 

Lost Dealerships of Foreign & Overseas origin.

image gallery
Dealerships of The AMC Heritage in Overseas U.S. Possessions & in countries Foreign to the United States. 

Nash Rambler

image gallery
Nash-Kelvinator's and AMC's Nash Rambler models from 1950-1955 

Rambler American

image gallery
AMC Rambler American and Rogue 1955-1968, 1969 Rambler, 1969 SC/Rambler 

Route 66 Rambler HQ

Nashin' & Thrashin' - Route 66 Rambler Home Page 

Thomas B. Jeffery & Co.

image gallery
Rambler cars and trucks, 1900-1902 prototypes, and models produced during the lifespan of the Company, 1900-1910 

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